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Strong storms are possible around the denver metro area this evening! A tornado watch is posted for Denver and northeastern Colorado until 10 PM.With a toeside turn, you want to initiate the turn by shifting weight onto your front foot, onto the toes and ball of your foot. As you reach the apex of the turn, your weight should be centered over both feet, knees and waist bent, creating an athletic powerful stance. At this time the board is up on edge, engaged in a carve.Snowboards come in a variety of widths; to pick the right size, you’ll need to see how your snowboard boots fit on the waist of the snowboard. With the right size board, your boots will extend just slightly over the edges of the board (about 1 – 2 cm on each edge) for good leverage while turning.Sharpen Your Board Skills – Intermediate Snowboarding Tips. If you’ve cracked the basics of snowboarding and you’re ready to step things up a notch, our comprehensive list of snowboarding tips for intermediates could be just the thing you’re looking for, to help you brush up on your technique.Looking to brush up on your skiing terms? Our definitive guide to ski terminology will help you understand your Alpine from your White Out. Find out what your buddies mean by Binding, or what your ski instructor expects when he tells you to Carve your turns. Our skiing terms dictionary has it covered.Alright, so you’ve just discovered that snowboarding is one of the coolest sports on the planet. Whether you went out with friends, a school group, or just decided to take up a new hobby the next step is getting geared up. Picking out the best beginner snowboard can be difficult, though. You’re inexperienced and new.A tornado watch is in effect for parts of southern Manitoba, including winnipeg. thunderstorms are firing up over parts of the Prairies as a cold front marches south to meet hot, humid air.On-hill amenities are the best in Tahoe. The ski and snowboarding instruction programs are as much about personal development as they are about teaching you to carve turns. From beginner lessons to.

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